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Optimize your business

All modern businesses depend on software. But unless that software was designed for you, you're likely spending time fighting with it.

We can save you time and money, identifying the problems you're having, and solving them using custom software that speaks to your specific needs.

Better yet: If you've identified a problem that others are having, then there may be a business opportunity in solving it via a Web application. We can help you at every stage — evaluation, architecture, design, implementation, testing, and maintanence — of your new business idea.

Optimize your software

If you have a Web application, you may be experiencing the following common problems: Scalability issues, unmaintainable code, slow database queries, and unworkable technical processes.

We can improve your code, optimize your databases, modernize your software processes, and pinpoint existing problems, as well as ones you're likely to experience down the road.

Reuven helped us jump start a new project, taking a group of about 40 expert Java programmers and making them Ruby On Rails programmers. — Shahar Zitronblat, VP R&D, SAP Labs, Israel

Optimize your developers

Today, people are the most expensive part of software development. Using open-source technologies such as Ruby, Python, PostgreSQL, and Git can give your company an edge, allowing you to put time and money into solving more pressing problems.

We can work with you to improve your developers' productivity. We'll not only teach these technologies, but help you to improve your development processes. Whether you want the whole package, just a formal course, or our "on-site guru" coaching and pairing services, we can help you to do more with fewer people and in less time.

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