Hello, world

May 30th, 2010

Hello, everyone.  I’m back.  Well, I think that I’m back; we’ll see how much time I have for this blogging thing, in between consulting, my PhD work, and my three young children.

If you’re wondering what happened to the previous incarnation of this blog… well, the sad and embarrassing fact is that I was way too cavalier about an Ubuntu upgrade in November.  Just about everything was saved, except for the e-mail lists that I host on my server, and the MySQL databases used by WordPress.  (The PostgreSQL databases were, of course, happily backed up.)  So you can presumably find archives of this blog at archive.org, but it remains to be seen if and when I’ll restore those old postings to this blog.

For those of you wondering where exactly I am nowadays: My family and I moved back to Modi’in, Israel (halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) nearly three years ago, in the summer of 2007.  We had previously been in Chicago for four years, where I was doing the coursework for my PhD in learning sciences at Northwestern University.  I’m still working on the PhD, and am moving along, which is a nice feeling.  I’m also doing Web consulting, lecturing, writing, and development, working with a wide variety of organizations around the world to design and write Web-based software, generally in Ruby on Rails.

More to come soon.  Meanwhile, it’s good be back.